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I met Arpna through a lecture where she spoke about pelvic health and explained how women can make improvements even after menopause. After consulting with my gynecologist, I started using her therapy services and was amazed by the results I experienced. Later I inquired about the possibility of her treating me for chronic neck issues and was just as pleased with her technique. Arpna is knowledgeable and provides individualized attention in her treatment. I highly recommend her for your physical therapy needs. – Lorry P (Menopause Incontinence / Neck Pain)

I approached Arpna for therapy after a year of intense physical and emotional pain due to my pelvic floor dysfunction and traumatic medical experience. Arpna was kind and gentle, proceeding at a pace that was comfortable for me and answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend her to any woman who is struggling with pelvic pain or dysfunction. She has truly given me my marriage, my health, and my life back. Thank you Arpna! – Stratton C (Pelvic Pain / Painful Intercourse)

I am a family medicine physician in my seventies with osteoarthritis in both knees. I had been to physical therapy at some local clinics without much relief. My daughter, who is a Nephrologist recommended I consult with Arpna as she had seen her before. After thorough history and examination, Arpna was the first PT to notice significant calf muscle wasting, hip muscle weakness and leg length discrepancy. She took all the time to explain each exercise and purpose during PT sessions Sheadvised us on proper footwear and use of cane. Presently my arthritis in the knee is stabilized and my calf muscles are recovering gradually. As per assurance given by her, meticulous exercises are likely to put off knee surgery for a few more years. I sincerely recommend Dr Arpna for anyone trying to manage knee arthritis and trying to prevent surgery. – Dr. Bhatia (Knee Pain)

When delivering my first child, I had a third degree bilateral tear. I was in the most significant pain I have ever felt in my life in the days and weeks that followed. I could not stand long enough to change my daughter’s diaper, I could not walk down my short driveway to get the mail, I could barely get off the couch. Luckily, I had met Arpna at a local yoga studio where she did a prenatal/postpartum health seminar while I was still pregnant. I reached out to her prior to my 6 week postpartum appointment with my OBGYN and for the first time I felt like someone understood what I was going through and was not dismissing my pain as temporary. After I saw my OBGYN, I started treatment with Arpna a few times a week. Just one week later, I was feeling a significant difference. I was able to go grocery shopping – a simple task, but a task that was impossible only one week before. Our continued sessions over the next few months helped my body heal and Arpna gave me the guidance I needed to stay healthy beyond my time in treatment.- Andrea L (Postpartum Pain)

As a teacher I used to worry about how much time was left in the class period before I can run to the bathroom. The sudden urges came on so quickly that I didn’t think I would make it to the restroom in time. I would leak towards the end of the class period as I was walking in the hallway. My gynecologist recommended Arpna and I had no clue this therapy existed. I am so thankful for her confidence and expertise in treating incontinence. I can comfortably wait till lunch or my planning period now without sudden urge or leak on my way to the bathroom. I highly recommend Arpna as the PT to treat urinary incontinence- Anna H (Urinary Incontinence)

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